Thursday, December 31, 2009

hello 20(years old)10

hye bloggers.
well that is kinda of lame.whateva.

im muhammad azim syafiq.i am not going to talk about my age.duhh.
nothing much about my new year azam~ness.still working hard on my butt to survive in my accountancy courses.this year though,i think of improving my self to be a much more better person.cehhh

this is my list for 2010:
  1. to go to the gym(atleast once a week???cukup bgos la tu kan???)
  2. study hard.scratch that.i always study hard!!
  3. changing to more un well known type of person.those people who loves to see me down are getting crazeir these day.
  4. makan.makan.makan.more!!
  5. try to put a limit to my expenses.see how im using accountancy word?how wise are me??lol.

i dont know any else.but atleast this is the top 5 .i guess??

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