Saturday, October 3, 2009

ask god.

last nite i had a fon chat with tis one person..That person lets just says it my secret admire.The person i refered as X...

X:hye azim..long time uh??
Azym: hey..yup...long ru??
X: bese2 je...u still at johor??
Azym: haah..another one and half year..u lak??
X: still kat uitm..tgh pening nak stdy n i tdi i tgk balik pic u yang lame..i notice i suka tgk ur smile n ur bulu mata...lawa sgt..
Azym: ow..tat my beauty trading mark..
X: come u have beauty mark when all about u is beauty??hehe
Azym: er..tats i dunno..ask god!!!!
X: god y ru torturing us???? u ada nickname baru ker?? dulu time skola org pggl u.....haha..
Azym: erm ada kot...y??
X: saje tanye...u free ke nie..
Azym: eh i mahal la..xfree pon..haha

the rest is history...TOOOt

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